Maana Electric

Powering Human Ambition
On Earth, Maana Electric focuses on the TerraBox, an ISRU-based machine to produce locally solar panels for large-scale solar parks, as well as novel solutions for building integrated PV.
The Utility Company of the Solar System
Whether it is for life support, manufacturing, robotics or exploration, Maana will power humanity's journey to the stars.
Capabilities to develop technologies at a breakneck speed
Maana has the in house capability for rapid prototyping, testing and qualification of both space and terrestrial products. We turn development cycles which typically take years into months.
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Powering Human Ambition

We aim to provide the clean power infrastructure that humanity needs, wherever we may go. Our mission is to be the first Utility company of the Solar System, to enable the future, both here on Earth and in space. Maana Electric always strives to solve complex challenges using our space engineering approach along with our innovation focused mindset to develop technologies with direct market applications here on Earth as well as with future applications in space.
Short term solutions to boost green technologies development for Earth commercial applications
Apply our technology to support humanity in becoming a space fairing civilization
Whether it is for life support, manufacturing, robotics or exploration, we will power humanity's journey to the stars
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For Earth, the Moon and beyond

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From concept to qualification

Maana Electric focuses on the entire development cycle, rapidly developing low TRL technologies until maturity and market implementation. Rapid prototyping and technology development is in our DNA. We strive to accelerate long development cycles of both the energy and space industries, cutting through barriers in order to achieve our mission.



From Earth to the stars

Maana Electric was founded in 2018, and has a large technical expertise, in particular in ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilisation) and energy technologies. With over 40 team members today, we continue to push for a better future where we may curb global warming and enable the development of a burgeoning space industry.
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