Maana Electric

Terrestrial Solutions


Maana Electric uses its proprietary In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) technologies developed for the space industry to revolutionise the way in which solar panels are produced, on Earth and in space.


Sand goes in, solar panels come out. It’s as simple as that!​

Maana Electric’s TerraBox is a fully automated factory capable of producing solar panels using only sand and electricity as inputs. The TerraBox fits within shipping containers, allowing the TerraBoxes to be transported to deserts across the globe and produce clean renewable energy.


Reduced Costs​

Materials and energy are the largest costs in today’s solar panel production processes.

By using low cost feedstock and our own produced electricity as inputs, Maana can significantly reduce the cost of its solar panels.

Reducing solar panel costs means more solar projects become economically viable resulting in a faster transition to renewable energy!

Locally Produced

1/3 of the land on Earth is covered in deserts. Maana can use any type of sand to produce its solar panels. Maana’s factories are fully transportable, Allowing us to bring the factory to the construction site and produce panels on site.

With Maana’s processes there is no more need for large supply chains which reduces costs, breakage & emissions from transport.

Completely Clean

It is often forgotten that the traditional Photovoltaics (PV) production process produces significant amounts of greenhouse gasses. While today’s solar panels are cleaner than our current energy mix, their production process produces more CO2 per kWh than where we need to be by 2040 to stop global warming.

Maana is able to produce its solar panels without any greenhouse gas emissions. Our panels are 100% clean from the moment they are produced until the end of their lifetime.

Maana believes its technology presents the best short term solution to curbing global warming!


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Solar panel

Solar panels


Through our ability to produce locally using only the available resources, Maana is able to offer the lowest per Watt price on the market.


Our panels are designed to handle not only the climate on Earth but also able to work in the harsh space environment. Maana’s panels have been specifically optimised for high temperature environments.


Typical panels require 4 years to offset the CO2 produced in the production process. Maana’s panels are produced with 0 emissions. No carbon offset required as no carbon is produced!

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Glass products


By producing locally, Maana’s glass products experience less breakage through transport, lower costs and are produced in the exact volumes you need.


Maana is able to tune its glasses to meet your exact needs, whether its dimensions, clarity or texture.


As with our PV panels, Maana is able to produce its glass products without any impact to the environment. In contrast to most industrial glass products, there is no carbon produced during the entire production process of our glasses.

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Glass panel