Maana Electric

Maana Electric successfully completes the “PV follows function” project

Maana Electric’s CFO, Fabrice Testa (left), presenting the bifacial solar panel for external balconies manufactured and installed by Maana Electric on Neobuild perimeters.

Luxembourg – 17 June 2022

Maana Electric has been one of the partners of the INTERREG project named “PV follows function”. The project aimed to strengthen the development and implementation of integrated photovoltaic technologies (integrated PV) in buildings and agricultural areas in the Greater Region. The implementation of the project was ensured through cross-border cooperation between the partners involved and the creation of pilot installations.

In the frame of the project Maana Electric installed three types of solar panels at Neobuild, a technological innovation center based in Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and specialized in sustainable buildings. For the project, Maana manufactured, delivered and installed at Neobuild bifacial solar panels for external balcony installations, walkable solar panels for hallways and custom-made hexagonal PV panels to be installed on architectural elements.