Maana Electric

“It would be in line with landing a rover on Mars”

The team of Maana Electric in September 2020 at the company’s HQ in Luxembourg.

Solar panel technology firm Maana Electric is one of the recent joiners to Luxembourg’s space ecosystem. CEO and founder Joost van Oorschot explains why Earth is just a stepping-stone in its strategy.

Maana Electric uses its proprietary in situ resource utilisation technologies to produce solar panels using locally available resources. It means that on Earth, we can deploy one of our small factory systems to a desert area, and we can use the local desert sand to produce fully functional solar panels. Our long-term goal is to do the same on the moon, where we would send one of our small factories to use the local moon dust, the regolith, to produce fully functional solar panels on the moon. And we sell solar panels, and build and operate these small factories.”.

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