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Maana Electric’s goal is to manufacture entire solar panels from sand (on Earth) and regolith (on the Moon). Prior to processing these resources into usable parts for solar cell manufacturing the utilized raw materials need to be beneficiated. In order to test the feasibility of the main beneficiation techniques for Lunar applications, the right feedstock needs to be used. Unfortunately, most of the time, the right lunar regolith simulant is not available, often non-existent or has a very long lead time for its production and shipment. There are very few institutes and companies that are able to produce lunar regolith simulant around the world, and generally the production is on limited stocks that cannot be replicated. Then, Maana Electric is looking to study the different alternatives available that would mostly suit its processes, including internal composition trials to obtain the desired conditions of the materials. Customized simulant solutions would allow a faster testing and a much better analysis on the conditions to expect for this kind of environment. The first step is to study the geological characteristics to replicate, and to study the different kinds of simulant that are needed and determine their production characteristics.

Purpose of the project:

The purpose of the project is to investigate the feasibility of obtention of a customized lunar regolith simulant to be used as the test feedstock for Maana’s existing processes. The study should provide the information of the main characteristics to replicate, tailored to each technique to be used and the main raw materials needed for such purpose. In addition, the investigation should explore the different tools and equipment that might be needed for the simulant production and the conditions in which they need to operate.
Based on the findings, a few attempts to mix certain materials to replicate lunar regolith characteristics can be executed within Maana Electric’s facilities. Testing can be carried out to understand the effects of different production techniques. As part of the testing campaign, measurements on actual samples may be carried out to understand potential for achievement of quality/concentrations, yields and resources requirements.


The candidate must have:

  • Master degree in STEM with a preference for Materials Engineering and Geology or related fields.
  • Fundamental knowledge of material science and/or geology and/or mining is a plus.
  • Basic knowledge of lunar environment and lunar geology is an asset.
  • Previous experience with laboratory testing and samples analysis.
  • Knowledge in planetary science is an asset.
  • Knowledge in igneous and plutonic rocks is an asset.
  • Very good English language skills.
  • Be eligible for working in Luxembourg (mandatory).

Starting date: March 2021 or date to agree

Duration of the internship: 6 months (minimum)

For confidentiality, the publication of the contents of the project may be subject to restrictions. If you are interested you can send your CV and a cover letter to indicating in the subject “Ben2022(2)”.

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